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Aviation officers are overstaffed right now due to the surge from 06-10, so you're looking at one to two aviation slots per OCS class if the rumors are true. You can guarantee a flight spot if you make it work with the guard, but that's not a job that will pay the bills. Professional advice: go warrant. Meet the Requirements. The Air National Guard (ANG) operates within all 50 states of the country.

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I'm an enlisted infantryman in the Army National Guard and currently a college student. I have a private pilot's license and likely will have my commercial rating completed by the time at which I graduate. I have an interest in being a Naval Aviator. I was wondering if, before I committed to commissioning a Naval or Marine Corps officer, I could get a pilot slot guaranteed in my contract.
I am also curious as to how much of a factor college grades would be in determining if I could get such a slot and if my college major would matter. Is a degree in a technical subject required, as it seems to be in the Air Force?