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If you play competitive games like Valorant, Counterattack * -Strike: Global Offensive or Rainbow Six Siege, you may have heard the phrase “strat roulette”. Although it was once used in a derogatory way, it has since become a new way of looking at the game. What does strat roulette mean? And how can it be used to liven up your game nights? Read on to find out.

What is strat roulette

Strat roulette rainbow six siege list

Rainbow Six Stats

I have created a strat roulette website, would if be allright if I add your strat for my website? A community for R6 fans to discuss Rainbow Six Siege and past. Strat Roulette allows you to have a different tactic to every game or round you do in your games. It has three categories: - Battle Royale - Moba - First Person Shooters In each category you have 3 possible packs: - Ez pz - Easy challenges that will not make you nervous. Teamwork - It is meant to play with friends for extra fun! - Rage - Harder challenges for people that like to rage!

  • Strat Roulette - Rainbow Six Siege. Find the location of roulette the Cameras in the maps. This application is intended to help beginners of Rainbow Six Siege a lot, while strat helping intermediate and advanced players further improve their skills. This application is in no way related to Rainbow Akteo roulette Funny or Ubisoft or their.
  • R6S Strat Roulette has two main functionalities. The first one is Strat Roulette; which gives you fun strategies to try with your friends! The second one is the stats. Lookup player stats in.

Roulette strat generally refers to a complete lack of strategy. It is based on the idea that the team has no idea what they are doing, using different seemingly random offensive or defensive strategies. Like dropping a ball at a roulette table, you are simply guessing what might work and hoping for a favorable outcome.

When you hear the strat roulette spoken in the game, it is generally used in a derogatory way. When opponents talk, they probably imply that your team doesn’t have any kind of unified strategy. The same is true when it is spoken by your own team: the opponents cannot work together or have not decided on an action plan.

However, with video game players as they are, strat roulette eventually evolved. It is no longer simply a mild insult; instead, it is now considered an effective way to play. You can choose the strategies at random, and it doesn’t matter if they work or not. It doesn’t even matter if they have a chance to work. The fun comes from trying bizarre, useless, or even outrageous strategies.

Some might consider it trolling. After all, if you are using casual strategies, you are not playing seriously. But in the right group, this approach can create hilarious situations.

Roulette layered in Valorant, CS: GO and R6 Siege

Strat Roulette Rainbow Six Siege

The idea of ​​deliberate strat roulette has become so common that there are now web-based sites and services designed to facilitate it. Valorant, Counterattack * -Strike: Global Offensive, and Rainbow Six Siege, in particular, all have strat roulette websites where you can randomize different play styles, strategies, or rules. Check out the links below to try it out in your favorite game:


Again, some players may find this unsportsmanlike behavior. Depending on the rules implemented, this approach can also be considered trolling or pain. Discretion is advised. Looking on the bright side, if you’re really trying out random styles or strategies, being accused of strat roulette isn’t quite as offensive.

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So a while a go I saw this post about Strategy Roulette, a game mode where we choose a random strategy and we play with it, for example Only Pistols, or only LMGs, or only recruit shields, etc...
And after trying it with my squad online, we thought it was pretty fun so I decided to create this program to provide random strategies for me so that I didn't have to choose at every round the strategy for my squad. This project started off as a simple console application (you know the black CMD command box on windows) and little after I decided to expand and create this Windows 10 App for the same idea. Now after 2 months learning and developing this idea into a full fledged application I finally created sometching I'd like to share:
StratRoulette for Rainbow Six Siege
The app has access to an online database where I collected as many strategies as I could (around 140 so far) and the app provides you with a playlist of said strategies. You just have to tell the app if you're defending or attacking. Once you get the strategy you can copy it to the clipboard, rate it (which will affect its rate of appearance) or move to the next strategy for the next round.
For now the app only connects to the online database the first time you launch the app and downloads all the information into a local database. But in a future release I'm planning to add an option to schedule updates every day, every week or in a custom interval so that the user can always have the biggest collection of strategies at his disposal.
Also in another release I hope to add an option where the user can insert his own strategies which will work the same way as the default ones.
Any way, I hope you like it, and tell me what you think. You won't find the app in the store without the link as I want to limit the release so that I can get as much feedback to fix any issues that may come up, or to provide new features that you provide.
You can provide suggestions through this anonymous suggestion box: or through the comments here.
Thank you for listening guys and gals!