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The most horrible experience I've ever had. Not just on the water. But in my entire life. Jacks or Better Casino appears to be a ghetto boat with very lazy and don't give a damn type staff. Nothing about the trip/boat is attractive. The food is trash. One black worker cooking and running around trying to serve the food on all floors.

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  • A cruise ship, called Jacks or Better Casino, just arrived at the Galveston Yacht Basin this month. Once the ship is 9.1 miles off shore in federal waters, guests can take part in sports betting.

Gambling Boat In Port Aransas Texas

A new casino ship has docked in the Port Aransas area. The ship, which was formally called Jacks or Better is in its new home at the Tarpon Shores Bait and Beers Stand, which is on the road between the Port Aransas Ferry and Aransas Pass.

Jacks or better gambling ship now in Port Aransas Corpus Christi area

The Aransas Queen will sail six days a week, with both day and evening cruises, as well as special events for holidays. There will be a total of three phases, including adding new boat slips and a beach club.

  • Allen Masny, General Manager of the Aransas Queen. “We are anxious to begin operations and bring a first class Las Vegas gaming experience to Texas”
  • “Our ownership group has several Nevada properties and really understands how to give the player a great value and good time in a comfortable and safe environment”
  • Owners of the Aransas Queen also own several Nevada properties.

The casino boat is 155 feet long and get this, will have over 200 Las Vegas-style slot machines with 12 table games including blackjack, craps, and roulette.

Galveston texas casino boatGambling

The 155 foot vessel is currently being refurbished. Once it is fully operational, it will setting sail six days a week, offering two different voyages each day and will feature slot machines, table games, a sports book and a buffet, among other amenities.

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The idea of gambling boats, or casino cruises, sheds light on how the legal environment in Texas has led to strange occurrences in the gambling industry, and how stringent Texas gambling laws have affected gambling enthusiasts. It is very difficult to open a casino on land in Texas. Each gaming device falls into a certain category of license, and the licenses restrict what kind of games a casino can offer. Getting the higher level licenses is essentially impossible. The one surviving casino, Lucky Eagle in Eagle Pass, fought legal battles to ensure that all of its gaming machines fell under the license it holds. However, the laws do not restrict having a casino at sea. A ship full of table games and slot machines can take on passengers in a Texan port, sail out to international waters, allow the passengers to play anything they want, and then return. In international waters, there is no legal authority that regulates gambling. While this would be a great option for Texas residents who enjoy casino gambling, things have not really gone to well with this venue, once again leaving Texas online casinos as the best option for players in the Lone Star State.

Texas historically required that gambling boats had to land at a foreign port of call on any cruise they made. Eventually, this legal requirement was overturned. Subsequently, several gambling boats attempted to open up the industry in Texas via ports in Galveston, Freeport, and Aransas. However, each of these in turn closed down due to a lack of business, moved to other states along the Gulf Coast, or ran into legal trouble. Texas began to enforce an old law that any ship dedicated to gambling had to either land at a foreign port or sail for more than 24 hours. These additional restrictions made it even tougher for gambling boats to make money.

Today, no casino cruises survive in Texas. Part of the reason for this is economic- gambling boats are very expensive to run, and they are not much more convenient than a land casino. But Texas was later than other states in allowing gambling boats to operate freely, and then it began to close them down with old laws. One ship did manage to avoid the regulators by demonstrating that casino machines and gambling made up less than half of its onboard space, and that it offered numerous other entertainment options. However, that made it even harder for the boat to turn a profit. It only stayed in Texas for a year before transferring its business to Florida. The combination of the fact that gambling boats are difficult to run profitably with the tough legal environment means that today, casino cruises have disappeared from the ports of Texas.

Gambling Boat In Corpus Christi Texas

That is not to say that there will never be another casino cruise in Texas. There is still no law that actually prevents anyone from running one. But the fact that regulators target casino cruises means that business investors are reluctant to try again: the uncertain legal environment is simply too risky. There is little doubt that harassment by regulators played a significant role in the fall of gambling boats and the current lack of any such ships in Texas. No casino cruise has sailed from Texas since the recession of 2008 affected people and businesses, making gambling an expensive hobby.