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Enchanting is the best way to give your weapons, armor, and companions bonus stats as well as unique effects. Enchantments are obtained from merchants, rewards or as loot and can be slotted into equipment at no cost. Similarly, Runestones can be given to your companions to give them unique buffs.

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R/Neverwinter A place to discuss Neverwinter, a free action MMORPG based on the acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game. This subreddit is not 'official' (there isn't an 'official' subreddit), and is ran by player volunteers. The armor slot is the inventory slot used for armor (including clothing). If a creature is part-based, its equipped armor will generally be depicted instead of the creature's regular body parts. However, it is possible for a specific armor item to be configured to use some of the creature's regular body parts. At level 60 you will starting finding shards to refine and add in the second weapon and armor slots. It's expensive tho if you want to buty he mats to do it. Coalecent wards are currently 130k in.

Slots: As players reach the middle of the level cap, items will also include an empty slot for enchanting. These slots will dictate if the stone you place in them will grant you an Offense, Defense, or Utility bonus. Most stones contain all three of these attributes with different effects. Different pieces of equipment have slots dedicated to one of the three different attributes. When placed in a particular slot, the equipment will be granted with the corresponding effects. Many items will also have an Enhancement slot which allows players to greatly modify the properties of the equipment it’s slotted into.

Enchanting: Slotting gems into equipment can be done in a few steps. From the inventory screen, select a piece of gear with an empty slot, choose “Manage Item Enchantments”, then select a stone to slot into the gear and Enchant! If you’d like to unbind or replace the stone, you’ll need to select the gear then pay a small fee to remove the stone safely.


Refinement: Many stones will drop on your adventures, so refining your favorites will be key to keeping your gear at its best. To refine your stones into even more powerful stones with better stats, start with stones you don’t need. Using stones of the same type is the most efficient way to upgrade a stone’s power. Once you fill the upgrade meter, you’ll need Marks of Potency depending on the level of the stone to attempt the refinement. Often the refinement will succeed, but occasionally it will fail causing additional Marks to be used. Refine wisely and use wards when you can!

Below is a handy 10-step guide on the Enchantment System!

1: Choose an Enchanment to Refine
2: Select a slot to fill in the Item Refinement menu
3: Select the Enchantments you'd like to use from your inventory.
4: Using multiple of the same Enchantment grants a 2x Refining Points Bonus, which may stack over the total points required.
5: Once the Refining Points Bar is filled, you must add a Mark of Potency, which determines your chances of success.
6: Adding a ward to the Refinement Process grants greater chances of success or negates material use.
7: Like other gear, Wards have a Rarity Level. These Preservation Wards save materials from being destroyed.
8: Once all your Refinement components are in place, you're ready to attempt Upgrading your Enchantment!
9: You must confirm the use of your components before the Upgrade occurs.
10: Success! Now just slot your new enchantment into your gear for maximum effectiveness.


Refinement allows players to maintain their gear so that it remains as useful as possible at all times. Check back soon for our next systems spotlight!

Neverwinter Best Armor Enchantment

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